Harvest Care Services

A brief history

Vili's journey began when he attended a local community event that focused on raising awareness about disabilities. Inspired by the stories he heard and the incredible strength he witnessed, Vili decided to channel his passion into action. He envisioned a place where individuals with disabilities could find comprehensive support that encompassed their unique needs and aspirations. 

With unwavering determination, Vili started Harvest Care, a disability service that would serve as a beacon of hope for his community. He meticulously designed a model that combined empowerment, inclusivity, and personalized care. The name "Harvest Care" symbolized the cultivation of potential and the nurturing of dreams. 

Vili worked tirelessly to bring his vision to life. He collaborated with experts in various fields, established partnerships with local organizations, and rallied the support of the community. Harvest Care's approach was centered on holistic support—striving to help individuals with disabilities not only overcome challenges but also harvest their talents, dreams, and independence.